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We can have talent, education, training, skill, and motivation. But without one crucial ingredient, we won’t reach our goals or full potential. No matter how hard we work.

What is the most crucial ingredient? A Winning Mindset.

Without the right mindset, we get in our own way. We unconsciously set up many of the obstacles that keep us from reaching our goals.

If you feel left behind in the race of life, if you know you were made for more…

Even if you have already accomplished great success and think you have “arrived” but feel it’s not enough and that something’s missing, this podcast is for you.

Award-winning author and Business Accelerator April Shprintz will inspire, motivate and guide you in your quest for the consistent, winning mindset that will help you not only achieve, but EXCEED your goals in life and business.

Join April as she brings her infectious energy, passion and expertise in helping people from all walks of life master their mindset and begin to create massive success in all areas of their life.

Master Your Mindset, Master Your Life!

Master Your Mindset, Master Your Life

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with April Shprintz

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Mindset Magic


Thank you for your insight. It’s always a refreshing feeling after listening to your podcast and help getting my thoughts and challenges back on track. Worth it every time. 🙂

April is a refreshing breath of ...


April has a way of sharing her personal and professional stories in a way that allows her to organically connect with her audience. She pours into people and I am incredibly grateful to know her!


April Shprintz

April Shprintz, as the creator of The Generosity Culture®️ and Founder of Driven Outcomes helps people make the impossible, possible…

Helping people isn’t what April Shprintz does, it’s who she is. After a stellar 20-year corporate career generating over $1 Billion in combined revenue for companies in a variety of industries, April wanted to expand her impact to help as many people as possible.

April developed a track record of overcoming adversity and succeeding even when the odds were stacked against her…

  • Overcoming the poverty and abuse of her childhood
  • Convincing companies to hire her when she was “too young or inexperienced” for the job
  • Saving an 8-figure client relationship 2 weeks after stepping into a new role
  • In Fortune 500 companies, tackling huge challenges no one else wanted to touch

These are just a few of April’s remarkable accomplishments.

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