April Shprintz

April Shprintz, as the creator of The Generosity Culture®️ and Founder of Driven Outcomes helps people make the impossible, possible…

Helping people isn’t what April Shprintz does, it’s who she is. After a stellar 20-year corporate career generating over $1 Billion in combined revenue for companies in a variety of industries, April wanted to expand her impact to help as many people as possible.

April developed a track record of overcoming adversity and succeeding even when the odds were stacked against her…

  • Overcoming the poverty and abuse of her childhood
  • Convincing companies to hire her when she was “too young or inexperienced” for the job
  • Saving an 8-figure client relationship 2 weeks after stepping into a new role
  • In Fortune 500 companies, tackling huge challenges no one else wanted to touch

These are just a few of April’s remarkable accomplishments.

In her corporate career, she often heard these words: “If you don’t know what to do with it, give it to April”. She earned the reputation as a growth catalyst and problem solver.

Even though her last year in corporate America was her highest earning 7-figure year, April longed for something else. She decided it was not enough to help a few firms in one industry succeed. She wanted to impact as many companies and people as possible.

So April left corporate America to live her dream and expand her impact. She formed her own company, Driven Outcomes through which she works with CEOs, leaders, and entrepreneurs around the world.

As the creator of The Generosity Culture®️, April shows her clients how to grow their businesses by pouring into their people, their clients, and their community.
She is also the Author of Magic Blue Rocks, the Secret to Doing Anything, a book about the life changing impact of a Winning Mindset.

A proud veteran, April served nearly 7 years in the Air Force as a Television News Anchor and Executive Producer. She’s a graduate of the University of Maryland and holds an MBA from the University of Texas.